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Tuning Out: The Stress-Relieving Effects of Wine

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Tuning Out: The Stress-Relieving Effects of Wine

In the ever-changing, fast-paced world of today, it’s easy to get caught up in social or work pressures and struggle to find the calm within. A tub of ice cream or a block of chocolate may help you relax, but nothing beats a glass of wine.

Whether you sip it away in a corner alone or enjoy it with company, wine relaxes you like nothing else and helps you center yourself. There’s just something about its strong, yet irresistible taste that triggers all the happy parts of you and puts you at instant ease with the world around you.

Below we will discuss the stress-relieving effects of wine:

An opportunity to disconnect

Oftentimes, when people consume wine, they’re in an intimate setting—be it a five-star restaurant or their couch at home. They step out of hectic routines, and aren’t chasing after work commitments or running daily errands that always seem like they can’t wait.

The silence and overall environment in these areas not only liven you up, but also help you relax and tune out the noise of the day. You have the opportunity to focus solely on yourself without feeling guilty about it.

When science backs it up

Wine in itself, has significant stress-relieving components and these have been back up by studies time and time again.

None of us are new to the health benefits of red wine. It contains an important compound called resveratrol that not only helps to protect you against heart disease, stroke, or dementia, but significantly reduces stress levels in your brain too.

Past studies have found that the resveratrol content present in red wine enables your body to deal with stress better. This is because it stimulates a particular stress-response protein in your brain that can repair DNA, reduce tumor genes, and increase longevity genes. This is why scientists believe that consuming red wine, which is naturally high in this resveratrol, automatically puts one in a positive mood and relaxes them.

Pairing wine with food

One of the most enjoyable experiences for many people is making a culinary experience out of wine.

Many people today choose to have it with their best steak or favorite dessert— it’s a delicacy you can’t deny. The art of dining alone or with people can be a leisurely activity for people, and a glass of their favorite wine makes it all the more worth it.

wine with food

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