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The Ultimate Dessert and Wine Pairing Guide

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

The Ultimate Dessert and Wine Pairing Guide

Wine stands as one of the most favored drinks around the world, which is embodied uniquely in different traditions and cultures. Whether enjoyed on its own after a long day or with meals, wine connoisseurs will tell you that there’s quiet nothing like it.

Wine and dessert, in particular, is a combination that’s unmatchable. The characteristic sweetness of your favorite dessert combined with the strong taste of wine gives you a mouthful of flavors. While some may choose to have dessert wine that’s as sweet as their dessert, others wish to take it a notch up and devour in a sweeter variety.

Here is the ultimate dessert and wine pairing guide:

Stick to true dessert wines

One of the biggest mistakes wine enthusiasts make when pairing wine with dessert is that they focus too much on the quality of the wine, instead of contemplating how it tastes with the dish.

You may feel that the wine tastes great on its own, but against the sweet tastes of your dessert, it can end up tasting rather acidic or tannic. This is because after having desserts like pie or cheesecake, for instance, your taste buds become accustomed to the heightened sugar rush. A sip of strong wine on top of that doesn’t always feel right!

Keep in mind that an authentic dessert wine is fortified or extremely sweet in taste. Therefore, make sure that no part of the wine overwhelms the dessert.

Don’t be afraid to get creative

When deciding on the type of wine to have with your dessert, you don’t necessarily have to stick to the vintage variety. You just need to make sure that your choice of wine is one of the sweeter types and perfectly matches with the taste of your dessert.

The first thing you need to do is have a look at the residual sugar content of the wine. Keep in mind that if the residual sugar content is somewhere in between 50 and 150g/L, then your choice of dessert wine probably has the ideal sugar content.

Some unique pairings

If you’ve got a sweet tooth you can’t deny, you’d be happy to know that the dessert and wine-food pairings you can try are virtually endless.

Chocolate chip cookies with fruity red wines such as Cabernet, brownies with Merlot, vanilla cake with Chardonnay, or red velvet cake with red velvet wine are just some of the many options you can experiment with!

red velvet cake

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