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7 Things A Wine Lover Can Relate To During The Holidays

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

Tis’ the season celebrate with wine, open up that bottle you’ve been saving for a year, and wait for the cheese and chocolate to come to you. Holidays can be joyful and entertaining, and sometimes a tad annoying—but there is no situation you can’t deal with a glass of your favorite wine your hand, right?

Let’s prepare for the festivities this holiday season by catching up on some things wine lovers can understand perfectly…

1. The feeling when your family gets you

They know where your love lies, and they make sure to get the best smile out of you with a gift you’re your heart desires. That perfect moment when your closest cousin hands you your favorite Cabernet to add your collection, you know that your family is the best.

Also, the fact that you once hinted how much you adore that bottle of red was a successful tactic after all.

2. And when they just gift whatever makes sense

There are good wine gifts and bad wine gifts. A nice bottle of Burgundy or Bordeaux in on the excellent side of the scale, the new supermarket bought bottle is okay (at least you get to experiment, right?), and the cheap, knock off wine opener is basically another gift that goes to the back of the kitchen cabinet.

3. Your elderly relative arrives early and shares your love for wine

No one will object to the elders having their drink before evening (they know it’s good for you), at least not out loud. You get to sit back, fill up a glass and chat over a nice red with your grandma, or perhaps your cool aunt.

4. You resolve beforehand to not turn into THAT relative

You know the one, the one wine-lover who is in a messy emotional state by the end of the evening. You try and keep it classy and limit your sips.

Tip: Choose a low alcohol level wine. Go a low pH Cabernet; you can find America’s favorite red variety of alcohol levels.

5. It can’t be that hard to distinguish a Californian red from that $7 dollar bottle?

As a wine enthusiast, it can be tad difficult to contain your frustration when your favorite, award-winning Cabernet is “not that different” (really?) from the cheap bottle your aunt brought to the table.

Nevertheless, you can always go back to sipping to keep calm. Let the uneducated have their debates.

6. You are the teacher to the novices in your family

Of course, there is only so much wayward wine-talk you can listen to before you deem yourself the educator of these newbies, and throw in an advice or two.

7. That proud moment when your family looks to you for wine choices

You’ve taught yourself well. If you receive compliments on having a great taste for choosing that Pinot, it’s the perfect “Oh, I know” moment.

You can always turn your love for wine into an adventure with a wine tour, and perhaps bring along the family too!

Artisan Excursion is just what you are look for. Well-versed about the finest wineries and vineyards in Santa Ynez and Solvang, our experts will help you customize an exciting wine tour!

Happy wine-filled happy holidays!

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