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5 Things To Do Before Taking A Wine Tour

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

Wine-tasting once was viewed as a hobby for the elite of the society but wineries and vineyards have expanded their list of customers to all demographics. If you’re a lover of wine, they want you to visit them.

Today wine-lovers all over the world go on wine-tasting tours to try exquisite wines from the vineyards in the country.

Whether you’re new to wine-tasting or a pro, here are a few things everyone should do before taking a wine tour.

1. Do some research

If you’re thinking of driving yourself, you will have to pick and select what wineries you want to stop at. There’s no point of going to wineries that make the same kind of wines. To get the most out of your wine tour, do some research and try to include as much variety as you can.

Pick wineries that are new and pick wineries that have been around for many decades. Understand that wine takes many years to make, if you spot new wineries on your map; be sure to call in advance to check that they are open to visitors.

2. Plan 3-5 stops

Wine-tasting tours should take you the entire day. Going to only one or two wineries isn’t exactly a tour so select at least 3-5 stops for your visit.

3. Know your wine-tasting etiquette

Wine-tasting rooms usually have an intimate setting. You’ll likely be grouped with a few other people and led by the winemaker or an employee of the winery. There is some pressure to come across as a wine connoisseur even if it’s your first wine-tour.

If you’re new to wine-tasting, it’s best to get familiar with wine-tasting etiquette before you go your wine-tasting tour so you don’t look lost.

4. Assign a designated driver

People have the option of spitting and swallowing the different wines they sample at a wine-tasting tour. When touring on your own, you’ll be driving yourself so make sure you assign a designated driver so you can get back to your hotel/home safely.

5. Take an empty box

You should expect to come back with at least one bottle of wine from your tour. Don’t let your new wine bottle roll around the back of your car. Take an empty box with you to hold your wine bottle as you drive home.

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