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Tour Checklist: Top White Wines of Santa Ynez Valley

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

Top White Wines of Santa Ynez Valley

Before you book that trip to the wine country, polish up on your wine knowledge. The central Californian grape-growing regions are a treasure of some of the most experienced winemakers and finest wines in the world. Leading amongst the beverages you can sample here are none other than the white wine varieties.

With a lighter, almost creamy or buttery body, white wines are exceptionally delightful for those who prefer a fruitier feel in their wine.

White wines are devoid of higher amounts of tannin red wines have, thus the lighter flavors.

Wining in Santa Ynez soon? Don’t miss out on trying these white wines:


A favorite amongst restaurants who will suggest you try their meals with white wine, Chardonnay can be quite versatile. The varietals which make up a Chardonnay are quite commonly planted in California.

The flavor of the wine depends of the grape’s ripeness; if the grape is exceptionally ripe, the wine will give off mango, pineapple, and apricot tastes. If the grape is less ripe, the wine will encompass a citrusy taste, like lemons.

Meal tip: Pour a glass Of Chardonnay with a light-meaty meal, preferable consisting of fish or other seafood.


Sauvignon Blanc is one of the oldest white wine varieties in the wineries and vineyards of the Santa Ynez Valley. The wine is fermented out of some of the finest varietals of the regions.

Unlike conventional white wines, Sauvignon Blanc is a full-bodied blend, with a drier feel. The wines consist of a range of flavor; from something earthier like bell peppers, to a fruity touch of apples and lime.

Meal tip: Do you have veggie pasta planned for the next dinner? Open up a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc for a delicious meal!


Another popular white wine in Santa Ynez, this type of Pinot has higher amount of tannins. The wine is fermented with the skin of the grapes present in the mix. The wine resides on the drier side, and it has a medium body.

Meal tip: Pinot Grigio complements creamier meals. If you have a chicken, fish or herb based meal with white, cheesy sauce, sip on some of this white wine with it.


For wine lovers who are not yet accustomed to the drier varieties of white wine, Moscato can be sampled well on its own. This wine is fermented from the Muscat grape family, characterized as having a fruity and musky feel and aroma, along with a very sweet taste.

Meal tip: While desserts are Moscato’s forte, Some Asian cuisines, as well as cheese-based courses, can be paired well with the white wine.

It pays to have the right knowledge of wine varieties when planning a trip in the Santa Ynez Valley. Let Artisan Excursion customize a wine tour for you, and take you on a memorable adventure through the white wine-making specialists in the wine country!

Call us today at 805. 734. 7565 and let us personalize your tour to your wine preferences!

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