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4 Ultimate Wine tasting Games

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

We have all been to or hosted wine tastings with way too many people. There is a competitive streak in everyone; use that to your advantage to host a memorable wine tasting party. Here are some wine tasting games that you can try:

1. Never Have I Ever

Nothing works better at getting to know the faces in a wine tasting crowd than this game. Prepare a fishbowl or some other type of box and fill it up with some of the most risqué scenarios that you can think of like, ‘never have I ever hidden candy from my kids,’ ‘never have I ever had my child wake me up in the middle of the night for the weirdest reasons,’ or the holy grail, ‘never have I ever cried inside my walk-in closet because I simultaneously love my life and want out of it.’

Misery loves company; why not make a game of it?

2. Guess the Price

Everyone fancies themselves an expert at these events, but with this game, you can fish out the real wine connoisseurs by giving your guests unlabeled wine and have them guess the price range.

If they are right, they’re right. If they’re wrong, then everyone has a good time because, let’s face it, you were hoping they’d mess up.

3. Drunk Taboo

Do you know what’s better than a game where people can’t talk? One where they slur. We love playing Taboo when the evening has run more than half its course.

There is nothing better than people who are out of it trying not to use the words on the cards.

4. Charades with A Catch

Choose a person whose name comes first in alphabetic order or ask a volunteer to start the game. Remember, do not make teams. Let everyone guess because, with this version, not everyone would want to score a point.

The one who guesses right has to be the next up because winners get punished at your wine tasting party.

Private Wine tasting Tours in Solvang

There is no reason why smaller groups can’t make the most of their wine tasting experience by playing these games. You could take it a step further and make the whole thing all the more authentic with Artistic Excursion’s Solvang wine tour packages.

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