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Saying “I Do”: Vineyards as Wedding Destinations in Solvang

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

Vineyards as Wedding

A classic double-breasted black tuxedo fits a crisp white collar shirt; a handsome groom smiles nervously, standing at a gorgeous altar laced with fragrant pastel-hued bouquets.

You shift in your seat, sitting among friends and family—the fresh breeze of spring singing Nature’s love song. Dionysus looks down at the hills of Solvang, partaking in the celebration with his gracious gift of wine.

We turn around in unison to behold the radiant bride—a vision of delicate beauty, adorned in the pure, feminine innocence of white satin.

Drawing closer to a future of love and commitment, each step gets heavier; each moment, quieter. Her lovely ruby toenails peek through her stunning peep-toe stilettos. Her cathedral-style train cascades down her legs, the graceful reception of a princess—soon to be queen.

We watch as she faces the groom—their eyes locked in a loving embrace, speaking in a wordless language known only to them. The altar overlooks a scenic vineyard as they seal their vows with a kiss—raising a memorable toast to the great pleasures of life.

An Enchanting Wedding Destination

You may have attended your fair share of weddings—each one more magical than the last, inspiring you to find love or renew your own vows.

In attending them, however, you may have noticed that despite their similarities, no two weddings are alike.

Some are hosted at a rustic Church, others outdoors; some at a historic landmark, others in the wild.

The venue is a crucial part of a wedding, for much like the place you first met your partner, it is immortalized in your heart and soul as the place you came together in holy matrimony.

California is home to the most exquisite wedding venues in all of America, lavish hotels, breathtaking ballrooms and extraordinary cathedrals. If you want your wedding to be as unique as your love story, surrender to the beauty of Mother Nature and let her design the layout for your special milestone.

The Santa Ynez Valley is home to some of the most stunning wineries in Santa Barbara County. Home to the unassuming town of Solvang, where the Figueroa Mountains form the centerpiece of an idyllic altar, the scenic views of deep-accented grape rows found in this part of the state inspire all couples to travel here for a romantic wedlock.

If you’re exchanging vows at the mesmerizing valleys of Santa Ynez, the ride back and forth can get a little bumpy.

Make sure you travel safe, and arrange transport for your guests that’s as memorable as your wedding!

We provide premium excursion services for weddings in the Santa Barbara County, including wedding transportation, wine tours and events. Give us a call at 805-734-7565 and make sure arrive like royalty on your big day!

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