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Ward Off The Vile With A Glass Of Wine

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

There’s no joy in life that can’t be celebrated with a glass of wine. What could be better than celebrating health with a toast too?

A (glass of) wine a day keeps the vile away!

Ward Off The Vile With A Glass Of Wine

You may not know this but wine has countless health benefits for us. We can have it at Christmas dinner or enjoy a night cap after a long, strenuous day. Deliberately or not, a glass of wine always finds its way to the table. But it also seems like it has found a way to good health as well.

Here are all the reasons why wine is good for us.


White wine is replete with antioxidants that fight life-threatening diseases like cancer. If you’re deciding between red wine or white wine, go with white because it has more antioxidants. Research conducted at University of Barcelona revealed that white wine has phenols which contain antioxidants more than you.


Even though wine is in no way a substitute of medication, a glass a day does strengthen your immunity. If you want to stay away from infections and viruses, include a moderate amount of wine in your routine. However, to maximize health benefits, care must be taken to only consume alcohol in moderation.

Bone Density

Most children grow up hating the smell and taste of milk. This is why the older we get, the weaker our bones become. It’s a challenge to boost levels of calcium with supplements or dairy products. Having a glass of wine does your bones a real favor. Since red wine is rich in silicon, it increases bone density. Not only does it reduce the risk of osteoporosis but also helps sedate you for a long, relaxing sleep.


It’s often clotting of blood which leads to strokes. Wine helps thin the blood to prevent clothing from happening. This is a bonus for females as compared to males because they’re at greater risk of strokes. Red wine particularly contains blood-thinning elements like phenol that function like aspirin. A study showed that the resveratrol in grape skins helps against stroke when it’s turned into wine.

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