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3 Ways to Develop a Taste for Wine!

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

3 Ways to Develop a Taste for Wine!

Many people are enamored with the idea of going on wine tours or sipping a glass of wine on special occasions, but they can’t help being put off by its strong taste. You may desire to be an experienced wine connoisseur, but experience takes time.

Luckily for you, it’s not difficult to acquire and develop a taste for wine. It’s all about familiarizing your taste buds with its strong flavors. The varieties of wine are truly endless, and knowing which one works for you best will allow you to understand not only yourself but your taste buds better too!

Here are some ways you can develop a taste for wine:

1. Learn how to taste it correctly

The first step to developing a taste for wine is to know how to taste it correctly.

After you pour your glass of wine, let it be in the open air for at least five to thirty minutes. This is because freshly opened wine must be exposed to air as it allows it to oxidize and makes it mellower in taste. Consuming the wine right after the bottle is opened can affect its fuller taste.

2. Take it easy

When seeking to develop a strong taste for wine, you have to be easy on the palate. This means you need to start off with wines consisting of minimal tannin content.

The more tannin content a wine has, the drier it will feel. You want to try these wines out first and then move on to other varieties of higher tannin content gradually. Not doing so can put you off wine even before you dive into the art of tasting it!

Some wines with less tannin content that you can try include Merlot, Chianti, and Riesling.

3. Don’t be afraid to experiment

Wine is one of the most soulful drinks to have with your food. In order to understand which wine works for you best when having meals, research about different food and wine pairings.

Flirt with your taste buds and try out different combinations of foods and desserts, as well as different varieties of wine with each. Slowly but surely, you’ll know when you’ve found your calling and which wine rests with you best!

Take advice from others, but in the end, stick to what feels right for you. Start off on your journey to acquire a taste for wine on the right foot.

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