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Here Comes The Guide: 5 Wedding Venues In Santa Ynez

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

The grapevine fields of central California not only make the perfect scenery for weekend of wine tastings and tours, but also for a destination wedding. From the courtyards in Santa Barbara, to farmlands of Solvang, there are a number of venues in Santa Ynez you can reserve for your special day.

We have selected some enchanting locations for you to choose for a wedding in Santa Ynez:

Sunstone Vineyards & Winery

Located to the north of Santa Barbara in the Santa Ynez Valley, Sunstone Vineyards & Winer consists of Provençal French courtyards and picnic grounds. In addition to delighting guests who visit the place for wine tastings and tours around the varietal fields, the place also serves as a wedding venue. The owners take meticulous care in arranging the food and music according to the guests.

Apart from weddings, the scenic grounds of Sunstone Vineyards are also open for corporate events.

The 1880 Union

The hotel is a historic landmark in the Old-West-influenced town of Los Alamos. The 1880 Union was once a telegraph office and Fargo Stagecoach shop. The saloon serves some of the locality’s greatest wines and the adjoining garden serve as a beautiful venue for weddings.

Couples who want to celebrate this joyous occasion in a place dominated by a mix of adventurous millennials and local old ranch hands book the hotel’s gardens. The hidden garden accents and hotel balconies make artistic settings for professional wedding shots.

Gainey Vineyard

Consisting of spacious grounds surrounding a huge barn Gainey Vineyard is not only famed for welcoming guests to tastings of their collections of red and white wines, but also for welcoming wedding guests.

With the equally gorgeous indoors and outdoors, many couple choose this place as a wedding venue in Santa Ynez.

Jalama Cañon Ranch and Vineyard

Settled in the peaceful scenery away from the main bustling areas of Lompoc, Jalama Cañon Ranch and Vineyard has all the making of a serene venue from a wedding ceremony. The charming diverse terrain creates a beautiful setting for a traditional or modern wedding.

The vineyard grounds accommodate a covered dining area for wedding guests, though the wedding ceremony can be arranged in the ranch as well.

Whispering Rose Ranch Private Estate

An outdoor venue located in the middle of farmland in Solvang, Whispering Rose Ranch offers a stunning venue, perfect for a couple that wants an outdoor antique wedding. The farm elements within the venue, the barn, decorative cartwheel around the area, antique fountains and strolling deer make up a fantasy-like setting for a wedding celebration.

Plan a custom tour with Artisan Excursion! In addition to wine tasting tours, we also arrange wedding transport in Solvang. Call us today at 805-734-7565 to know more about how we can help you make your wedding celebrations more memorable!

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