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What to Expect in a Wine Tour (Beginner’s Edition)

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

So, you’re interested in taking a wine tour, but not entirely sure if it’s a good idea?

Maybe you find the idea a bit too indulgent, or simply lack the budget for a quality tour. Perhaps you want to fly out to another destination, but feel inhibited by work and responsibilities. Or maybe you’re just nervous because you’ve never taken a wine tour before and think it might be better to spend your money on a different kind of indulgence.

Whatever your reasons for second-guessing your plans, know that these concerns are common, especially for those planning on a budget—and that’s precisely where we come in!

Planning a Successful Itinerary

The trick to planning a wonderful wine tour (particularly for first-timers) is to do your research and speak with a reputable excursion service that fits your budget.

Yes, wine tours can be affordable—and if you’re fortunate enough to get in touch with a company that’s as passionate about viticulture as it is about running a business, you can book an excellent package that offers history, culture, food, drink, sightseeing and great company at a relatively smaller rate.

A budget-friendly excursion service in California may not take you to the most expensive wineries in Napa Valley—but it’ll treat you to the scenic beauty of lesser known parts of Cali that promise to deliver a memorable experience for wine enthusiasts of all groups and sizes.

What to Expect

A typical wine tour in the premier wine region of California consists of stunning views of the Golden State, depicted beautifully in the Academy Award-winning film, Sideways.

But contrary to popular opinion, the natural beauty isn’t confined to the more expensive wineries of Northern California.

If you plan to stick to a budget, head to Santa Barbara Wine County for an exquisite trip to the quaint town of Solvang and surrounding regions for less than half the price (it’s where they shot the critically acclaimed film)!

Providing custom tours to the wineries of your choice, or planning an itinerary consisting of the region’s most versatile and popular wine estates and tasting rooms, you’ll be treated to the lesser known jewels of the regions.

Expect to see fascinating presses or machines that enable the fermentation process—and get a closer look at the winemaking process, greeted by friendly, down-to-earth vintners who’ll be more than happy to show you around.

As you immerse in the intoxicating scent of gorgeous grapes, you’ll be given a chance to taste some exquisite red and white wines, and behold the aging vessels that preserve them, followed by a trip to the bottling rooms.

A ride through the Urban Wine Trail is nothing short of a mesmerizing experience—giving you a unique opportunity to eat, drink and explore the history of wine without the pretentious bunk associated with expensive tours.

If you’re a wine enthusiast interested in a reasonably priced tour that packs a punch, give us a call at 805.734.7565 and let us book you a wonderful package!

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