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Why Wine Tours Are Far Better Than DIY Tours!

Updated: Sep 11, 2022

When you feel like you’re ready to head to the distant local wineries or to the vineyards of Italy and France, you’ll be presented with one big question – should you book a wine-tour or drive yourself there?

Understand that everywhere you’ll go, you’ll be tasting around 4-20 wines a day. While driving yourself may give you more flexibility when it comes to choosing wineries and scheduling, there are plenty of more reasons to opt for wine-touring instead.

Let’s take a look at them here:

1) It’s less hassle

Do you know enough about wine, wineries and vineyards to be able to pick out the best ones that fit your budget? Unless you’re a connoisseur who regularly goes wine-tasting, you’ll face some difficulty in picking out which wineries to visit.

With wine-tours, someone else does the hard work – you just need to show up. There are maps that will highlight wineries/vineyards for you but even then, how do you choose from so many high-rated places?

It’s much easier to let the experts pick the best wineries for you.

2) You swallow more, spit less

To avoid getting drunk, people tend to spit out their wine instead of actually drinking but if you have someone to drive for you, there’s no need to worry about getting tipsy. Drink as much as you want!

Wineries usually provide spittoons for wine-tasters to spit into but wine-makers appreciate it when you actually swallow their wine they spent so much time and effort on.

3) It’s educational

There’s so much more to wine-touring than just wine-tasting, you’ll learn so much about the process of making wine and all the stories surrounding it.

Why does the taste of grapes vary with seasons? How does French oak differ from American oak? These are the sort of things your experts at a wine-tour will discuss.

4) It’s a social experience

Imagine walking into a wine-tasting room with just a few people walking around looking lost; you’ll instantly be put off. Wine-tasting is a completely different experience when you’re amongst an enthusiastic crowd of wine-lovers.

Wine-tours hire extroverted, passionate wine-lovers that ensure you have a great visit. They grant you behind-the-scene access and tours of cellar tours – experiences you probably won’t get if you go your own.

Explore the vineyards and wineries of Solvang, California with Artisan Excursion. Our tours are designed to give you the best wine-tasting experience at an affordable price.

Check out the tours we offer and make your booking today.

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