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Why Wine Tours Are the Safest Entertainment Options Right Now

Updated: Aug 7, 2022

Quarantine boredom starting to get you? Huddling up at home for so long is sure to cause some cabin fever. Unfortunately, even though the lockdowns are being lifted in many areas, the time for caution hasn’t passed. Any place that’s crowded is still a threat to your health so cross most amusement parks and fancy restaurants off that list.

One of the safest entertainment options at the moment is a wine tour. Very few experiences hold up to a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon in a fancy distillery. And with peace of mind, you can enjoy yourself fully as you try some of the best alcohol money can buy. Here are a few reasons why wine tours are a good option if you’re in the mood for some fun:

Minimal physical interaction

Be it a local winery or a private vineyard, be assured that you’ll feel among the exclusive. Most wineries ensure that wine is pre-poured and ready before the tasters come in. Disposable spitting cups are also available in case a particular drink is not up to your liking. The tasting also occurs in small, closed rooms to maintain hygiene. Some places do not allow you to touch or hold bottles during wine tasting tours unless you’re set on buying things, so it’s very safe.

Less Crowded Areas

Wine tour groups consist of very few people. They also work on a reservation system so you and your group will be the only ones there. Making sure that there’s enough wine for everyone, and each member has a good time. This also allows guests to be socially distant while still enjoying themselves with a fancy glass of wine. Guests can disperse over a larger area as they take their time around the wineries, trying different kinds while the staff entertains their queries.

Why Wine Tours Are the Safest


Wineries take extra care of sanitation, making sure pouring spouts are cleaned after each serving. The tasting staff is also instructed to wear gloves and masks, as well as all the other guests. The only time masks won’t be on is when you’re helping yourself to some alcohol. The wine tour vans are cleaned routinely to keep them hygienic and spotless for all the visitors to travel in.

Find some of the best wine tours in Solvang CA. Reach out to Artisan Excursion for some of the most budget-friendly wine tours. Our goal is to acquaint you with some of the best wine in the Solvang region while ensuring you have the time of your life.

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