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Wine 101: Mythbusters: When to Chill Red Wines

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

This episode of “Wine 101” is sponsored by Apothic, makers of so many red wines. We’re talking Apothic Red, Crimson, Inferno, Crush, and those are just the blends. Don’t even get me started on the single varietals like Apothic Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. Today, we’re covering when to chill red wine. What? You can chill red wine? Red wine like Apothic needs some chill factor too. To find all the shades of Apothic, follow the link in the episode description to

On this episode of “Wine 101,” join host Keith Beavers to discuss why you should consider chilling red wine and the best way to get started.

When to Chill Red Wines

So today, I get this question all the time. I’ve been getting it for years, and I love talking about it. When do you chill red wine? Do you chill red wine? Which wine do you chill? What?

Okay, wine lovers. I don’t know when it was. I don’t remember the year, but it was hot outside, and I had an Italian restaurant, and a wine rep came in. This is like a long time ago. A wine rep came in with a wine made from an Italian grape called Schiava. Oh, guys, if you haven’t — not easy to find — a red wine made from Schiava is incredible: light, beautiful, peppery, floral. It’s such an awesome wine. It’s from Piedmont. And he served it to me, well, I was trying to buy some wine.

I hope this helped you out. I know that I didn’t give you specifics, but you have to go to the wine shop and check that out because I could tell you things like wines from Gamay, and Pinot Noir, Now you know what you can chill. You can even chill one that shouldn’t be chilled to get an example of why that shouldn’t have been chilled.

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