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Wine and Wear: What To Wear At Wine Tasting

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

How can you not have fun when you have a glass of wine in your hand? Wine tasting is a one-of-a-kind experience. For connoisseurs and wine lovers, it’s a day worth dressing up for.

Wine and Wear

With vineyards as lush green and drinks as delightfully delicious, there’s every reason to make the day special and dress for the occasion. Dress trendy but don’t forget to be practical because an excursion like this involves a lot of walking. Here’s what you can wear to a wine tasting tour.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

True; everyone likes to dress for the occasion and look their best but that doesn’t mean that you make yourself uncomfortable during the trip. If you were planning to wear heels for the day: bad idea. Wear something comfortable that won’t hurt your feet while walking for very long. Anything from flat sandals to loafers and even sneakers will go well.

Carry A Small Bag

If you’re someone who always carries a large purse with many essentials, don’t make this mistake when going for wine tasting. You’ll be walking a lot on your excursions, holding reading material, tasting drinks and eating foods. Having a load to carry will not be the best idea. Switch to a smaller bag or cross body purse which would be easier to carry, less heavy and keep your hands free.

Put On a Jacket

Don’t forget to style your look for the occasion the way it’s supposed to be done. If you’re feeling under-dressed, pull on a blazer or a denim jacket to look trendy and classy. Your choice of clothes will most likely be governed by the season because you’d be outdoors. You can go for a floral jacket in Spring, a coat in winters and a denim upper in summers.

More Dressy Than Casual

If you think you can pull a t-shirt over jeans and call it a day, you’re mistaken. Wine-tasting tours are events for those with a refined taste for the better things in life.

Wine and Wear

With a casual look, you’d not only stand out from the crowd but also look unprepared and under-dressed for the occasion. Being dressy is better than looking casual while holding the finest wine in all of California.

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