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Wine Cocktails You Need in Your Life

Updated: Sep 4, 2022

There are many red wines for you to choose from; each has its own unique flavor profile. While many people just have a glass or two with dinner for the health benefits, you can also get creative and make some really unique wine-based cocktails.

wine cocktail

Sangria is one of the most popular wine cocktails out there. It’s a fun way to have red wine at a party. It’s also better than a glass of vino for a dinner party. Red wine drinkers often feel left out when it comes to cocktails. Cocktails made of wine are quite rare to come by at restaurants and bars, that doesn’t mean they don’t exist!

Here are some cocktails made of wine that taste as good as they look:

New York Sour

The New York Sour is a drink that exudes cool. It’s a whiskey sour topped off with red wine. Although it’s known as the New York Sour, the wine used to make this drink isn’t from New York.

Here’s how you make it: mix together rye whiskey and lemon juice, add some ice if you like. Pour it out in a glass and top it with the best Californian red wine you have.

new york sour

The drink is supposed to be had without mixing the red wine in. The wine slowly mixes into the whiskey and lemon, making every sip an explosion of flavor.

Win-Win Mule

Everyone’s heard of a Moscow mule, but how about a Win-Win Mule. This interestingly named cocktail is between a Moscow Mule and Sangria. This red wine cocktail combines any deep red wine with cherry maraschino liqueur and dark blackberry crème de mûre, topped off with ginger beer to pull the whole drink together.

Search and Rescue

This cocktail is a level above the New York Sour. Instead of red wine, you need to use a ruby port. The Cynar gives a bitter tone to the citrus, giving it a whole new level of depth. Some would say this drink tastes like a potent Cabernet.

Red wine infused red velvet hot chocolate

This drink sounds over-the-top, but we promise it works! It’s well balanced and has a complex flavor profile. To make this, you’ll need to get some Shiraz/Syrah and some good quality dark chocolate (70% cocoa and above). Combine the chocolate and milk to make a traditional hot chocolate and top it off with the fruity Shiraz.


Red wine and cola, it doesn’t get simpler than that! You’re probably used to the traditional rum and coke, but the dry red and sugary cola mix well. Top it all off with a wedge of lemon!


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