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3 Wine Etiquettes To Master Before Going On A Tour

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Wine is enjoyed by millions around the world. For many people, wine etiquettes are a part of social etiquettes. For the passionate wine lover, these cannot be separated. Wine may be consumed differently around the world and at different times, with some favoring certain varieties over others.

 Wine Etiquettes To Master Before Going On A Tour

However, it is important for us to know some wine etiquette before going on a wine tour. You don’t want to be the odd one out over there—the experience is best when enjoyed as a group, where there is just one thing in its core uniting all members: their love for wine.

Below we will discuss some wine etiquette to master before going on a tour!

1. Have a plan

If you're walking around a wine tasting tour, the whole experience can end up being extremely intimidating, even for professionals. Make sure to give yourself a theme to start with beforehand and understand the various differences between the wines from that theme. For instance, you might start with white wines from a specific region made with a certain grape variety. Consider taking five or more of such varieties and note the differences between them. Moreover, leave your misconceptions at the door and go in with an open mind. Don’t be hesitant to try out new varieties.

2. Don’t be afraid to spit

Wine tastings are risky places for the inexperienced! Of course, you can swallow the whole drink if you want to, but you might want to consider doing this towards to end or you'll end up utterly drunk. It's very difficult to keep tabs on how much you've been drinking at wine tasting tours. Drink in moderation and know your limits.

3. Dress for the event

Consider dressing in dark colors (they are better in masking spills), avoid wearing dangling sleeves (so you don't cause spills) and look at the venue to figure out the appropriate dress code—you don’t want to look too under or over-dressed. Women should think about wearing flats or low heels for optimal comfort, as you’ll be walking a lot. And if you’re going to carry items like a tasting book, notebook, or a smartphone/tablet, make sure you have a bag to carry everything.

 Wine Etiquettes To Master Before Going On A Tour

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