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Wine tasting for Beginners: A Guide

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

Follow these steps to discover the true essence of great tasting wine.

Ground Rule

It is believed that in the case of wines, sweet should always precede dry, and white must always be tasted before red. This is because having sweet wine before the dry kind makes for an extra dry experience.

On the other hand, red wine is just too overpowering; it compromises your palate to a certain degree, which is why you should always drink it after white wine, not before it.

Let Wine Breathe

Uncorking the wine and leaving it as is for twenty minutes to an hour before you drink it aerates and warms it to the extent that all its flavors develop.

You are doing wrong by the wine by not letting all its flavors enhance, so, before relegating it to cooking wine status, make sure you had it at its best.

Wine tasting for Beginners

Sniff Before You Sip

They tell you to swirl before you drink. Put your nose near the rim and breathe in the aromas before taking a sip. This prepares you for that initial hit and tells you whether you will enjoy what you are about to have.

Take Small Sips, Not Large Gulps

This shouldn’t be a problem as the serving sizes have gone down quite a bit, but even so, if you really want the flavors to leave a lasting impression, keep them on your tongue instead of chugging them right down the gullet.

By taking your time, you will get drunk slower and keep a hold of your judging abilities.

Swallow or Spit Out?

The practice of spitting out the wine adds nothing to the experience of wine tasting; it’s just a necessary precaution one takes when on a wine tour to keep their wits about them for a longer amount of time.

If you want the same, by all means, let it out in a spit bucket when you are done tasting it. Swallowing is okay, too, but have some appetizers nearby to avoid getting drunk early.

Wine tasting Tours in the Santa Ynez Valley

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