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Perfect Trip for Two: X Ways You and Your S.O. Can Enjoy a Wine Tour in This Season

Updated: Aug 7, 2022

Remember when you could go outside without worrying about the pandemic? Don’t you just miss that time? You and your significant other can only do so much at home. COVID-19 has had us all stuck indoors for the past few months. All sorts of boredom and anxiety cause you to go insane, and you can feel the cabin fever creeping in. Now that the outbreak is starting to slow down, it’s becoming more accessible to go out again.

One of the best options at the moment for couples is a wine tasting tour. Fine wine at some of the classiest vineyards with your significant other? Who can say no to that! Wine has a relaxing effect and several positive effects on health in moderate consumption. These are the reasons why a wine tour might be the thing you and your S.O. need:

Reservation Only

One of the best parts of a wine tour is the exclusivity it brings. You and your S.O. can book a private trip, as it takes you along several small wineries and huge private vineyards. Beyond just trying excellent alcohol, it’s a sight-seeing opportunity like no other. An extended trip along with multiple places that are somewhat relaxing as well. No one else to bother you while you two relax and enjoy.

Bring Friends Along

Haven’t seen your friends in a while and afraid to meet up in public because of COVID? Book a wine tasting tour with your friends. Wineries strictly follow SOPs, such as all workers wearing gloves and masks, regularly disinfecting bottles and glasses. Vans are also available, so you and your group can travel together and have a great time.


Whether you’re a wine snob or not, a wine tasting tour ensures you a chance to expand your taste and try some drinks that you might otherwise never hear about. From Chardonnay to Sauvignon Blanc, you’ll find beverages whose names will be harder to pronounce than the drink itself. And by the end of the tour, you will experience how it feels to be a wine connoisseur.

Wine Tour in This Season


During the trip, you and your significant other are bound to find some wine that you want to add to your pantry back home. This is one of the best parts of the trip, as you can purchase this wine at discounted rates to take home with you. Like taking a souvenir back home from a trip abroad, if something fits your taste, get a bottle for yourselves and even others to consume later.

Looking for affordable wine tasting in Solvang, CA? Reach out to Artisan Excursion. Aiming to provide you with an enjoyable trip as well in some of the best wineries and vineyards in the region.

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