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Wine + Nature: Top 4 Winery Picnic Spots In Santa Ynez Valley

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

Winery Picnic Spots In Santa Ynez

What makes great wine miles more delicious? Great food, of course! When you’re out touring around the wine trails of the Santa Ynez Valley, you may have a found yourself craving a light, toasted sandwich, or some creamy pasta to go along with the wine in your hand.

Most wineries and vineyards in the Santa Ynez Valley have strict regulations restricting outside food being brought in. However, there are other tasting rooms with adjoining outdoors picnic areas so that their guests can have a picturesque view of the valley while indulging in some of the finest wines and tastiest food.

So let’s take a look:

Rusack Winery

Go up the beautiful hills in Solvang to find Rusack Winery. The place is located on higher ground, with an adjoining deck over-looking the weathering nicks and turns of the Ballard Canyon. Sample some of the best-value wines in their tasting rooms, buy a bottle you like, and step outside on the deck to enjoying a heavenly picnic.

Gainey Vineyards

Located on the eastern end of Santa Ynez Valley, Gainey Vineyards has one of the loveliest views you will find in the region. Their wine tasting room offers a variety of fine wines, with reds taking the lead.

Best of all? They have a picnic area in their vineyard, where you enjoy feasting your eyes on rustic scenery while feasting on your favorite picnic snacks. They also offer a selection of oils, jams and other goodies you can buy.

Bridlewood Estate Winery

Serving as one of the leading Santa Ynez wedding venues, Bridlewood Estate Winery is a prime location if you want to have a wine country picnic surrounded by gorgeous architecture. Though main estate grounds of the winery are reserved for members only, non-members can access the seating area near the tasting room.

Rideau Winery

The staff members at Rideau Winery are quite knowledgeable about the region, and will walk you through the finer points of history and the winemaking process as you sample some great wines. Moreover, Rideau Winery is the perfect place to bring a picnic basket, and converse with the guests milling around the tasting area.

There is a lot more to a great winery than just the wines they serve; you need values, friendly staff and their knowledge too. And if the winery has a spot where you can enjoy your own meal, then it’s an added benefit of remarkableness!

At Artisan Excursion, we will customize a tour for you. Call us today at 805-734-7565 to find out how we can help incorporate your preferences in our wine tasting tours in Solvang!

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