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Wining and Dining in Santa Ynez—A Food Lover’s Paradise

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

Wining and Dining

When you plan to explore a new destination—be it swimming in the beautiful beaches of Bora Bora, or experiencing the stunning night life of metropolitan Tokyo—you can’t quite get a sense of the city or island without indulging in its local cuisine.

Food is a quintessential part of our culture. Ever since Man discovered fire, cooking has evolved into an exquisite art in its own right—created for more than just satiating our hunger.

In the 21st century, in particular, food is how you understand people and their unique history; their personal philosophy, artistic expression and the agricultural richness, native to their land.

But most of all, good food, made from scratch by hardworking locals, gives you an intimate taste of a place you’re new to—an experience that isn’t (and shouldn’t always be) tied to hundred-dollar bills!

Bon Apetit!

California is, undoubtedly, the entertainment capital of the world.

We’ve got Hollywood, gorgeous beaches, Vegas, you name it!

But more importantly, as with any sightseeing experience, it also offers some of the most popular wining and dining destinations that money can buy—and not all of ‘em will put a dent in your wallet!

We all know about the glitz and glamour of the Californian lifestyle, but few of us are aware of the natural beauty offered by one of its best kept secrets—Santa Ynez Valley, home to some of the most prolific wineries, restaurants and ranches in the Santa Barbara Wine County.

Let’s take a look at our top picks for the month:

Alisal Guest Ranch and Resort

Welcome to the Old West in Alisal Guest Ranch and Resort, where ranches and restaurants continue to draw tourists from around the world. Serving guests since the 40s, the resort offers horse-back riding services across its stunning ranches in Solvang, with the most romantic scenery in all of Santa Barbara.

Mortensen’s Danish Bakery

If you know a thing or two about Solvang, you’re probably aware that it began as a Danish settlement—now preserving a historical Danish legacy, thanks to establishments like Mortensen’s Danish Bakery.

Why is this on our list?

Because everyone loves a great dessert after dinner, and to make the most of your trip, it’s best to try a new place!

How does the sound of decadent chocolate eclairs and real whip cream napoleons sound?

Good to look at, and even better in your mouth! Give it a go when you’re here!

Firestone Walker Brewing Company

We’re closing our list with an authentic regional craft brewery—because what’s the point of visiting Santa Ynez if you don’t indulge in some of its world-famous beer?

Based in Buellton, Firestone Walker Company offers award-winning Pale Ales, as well as the finest brewhouse bistro cooking served in the Taproom Restaurant.

Need help hopping from place to place?

We offer budget-friendly excursion services, including guided wine tours, beer tours and airport transportation in Santa Ynez. Give us a call and avail a 6% discount!

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