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solvang wine tours

You may treat your taste buds to both the well-known and the hidden gems that Solvang wine tours have to offer at Artisan Excursion Wine Tours, from rare vintage wines to new bridles!

   The picturesque views that Solvang wine tours have to offer, as well as excursions to the regional attractions, will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for you and the party you will be touring with. With Artisan Excursion, gain the perspective of a local; there are some secret locations that only a local of the area can assist you in exploring to your heart's delight. What could be better than experiencing a destination that only the locals know about? Whether you're a newbie or a wine enthusiast It doesn't matter when it comes to the nuances of wine! In addition to giving you a fantastic time, Artisan Excursion Wine Tours' tours are geared to provide you the entire Solvang wine tasting and vineyard exploration experience. You've come to the correct place if you're interested in treating your loved ones to all that Solvang wine tours have to offer. Call or text Artisan Excursion Wine Tours at 805.734.7565 to make a reservation for a tour! We can take you on a wonderful exploration of the Santa Ynez Valley region's history, culture, and wine treasures. This will be a very enjoyable experience filled with interesting conversation, a little wine education, and lots of mouthwatering wine tasting. When you call Artisan Excursion Wine Tours to make a reservation.                                                                         

This was THE BEST wine tour my fiancé and i have ever been on! Tom was beyond knowledgeable, helpful, and professional. It’s definitely worth it because of the simple fact that we weren’t familiar with the area.

Ashlee- Google Maps

We enjoyed our day wine tour with Tom. He took us to two distinct small wineries and a private tasting in  the backyard of a very knowledgeable person who markets extremely small wineries. 
If in Solvang area and looking for a great wine tour, Artisan is the one.

Bill- Yelp

We came up to Solvang from LA to give my parents a little wine tasting tour for their 50th Wedding Anniversary. We had a great time!  We really enjoyed our time and he was super knowlegeable about the area and the wineries. I would def recommend his tour.

Leslie- TripAdvisor

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