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The Best Time to Go Wine Tasting

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

When it comes to deciding when is the best time to go for a wine-tasting trip, there is no such thing as the 'right time.' Wine-tasting tours ensure a memorable and delightful experience in every season.

However, every season entails a different kind of beauty and experience. You can choose when to make your trip based on the best wine tasting near me what that season has to offer as well as your personal preferences.

Here's a list of unique features that every season offers to wine lovers to make it easier for you to decide.

Spring best time to go wine tasting

best time to go wine tasting

The spring season is a reflection of the calm before the storm. It's a good time to witness the initial ripening of the grapes while enjoying comfortable weather.

The wildflowers in the vineyards begin blooming, making it a treat for the eyes. For those who prefer to enjoy the view and fine wine right before the summer rush starts, this is the season for you.


best time to go wine tasting

Summer is one of the most popular seasons for wine-tasting tours. During this time you will be able to witness the grapes before they are harvested. Unlike the other seasons, the grapes would still be growing.

A bright sunny day will allow you to don your light summer dresses and beautiful hats without worrying about catching a cold.

For those of you who love socializing and mingling with other people, this is an ideal season for you to go wine-tasting since the traffic is pretty heavy.

Fall best time to go wine tour

Fall is one of the busiest and most exciting seasons for wine lovers. It's the time when the grapes are harvested and turned into wine.

Those who are interested in witnessing the process through which grapes are transformed into one of the finest wines should definitely book a wine-tasting trip during the fall season.

best time to go wine tasting

The beautiful golden and crimson hues make the vineyards make the experience even better.

Visiting during this season will also give you a chance to ask questions regarding the process of wine-making while witnessing it first-hand.

best time to go wine tasting

Few things can top the beauty of a vineyard during the snowy winter season. For those of you who like countering the cold with delicious warm wine, this is the season for you.

This season also gives the quieter ones a chance to soak in the experience peacefully, without getting disturbed by the presence of other people. It also gives them more time to ask questions and spend more time at each tasting since it's a relatively less busy time.

If you've picked the perfect season for you to make your trip and enjoy some great-tasting wine, it's time to book the perfect wine-tour package.

Opt for a unique Solvang wine tasting tours that goes beyond traditional wine tours with Artisan Excursion. Our packages not only offer a range of exquisite and rare wines, but also an unforgettable adventure into the history, the culture, and the wine goldmines of Solvang.

We can give you the treat of a lifetime, so book your tour now.


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