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How Santa Julia Is Revolutionizing the Natural Wine Industry

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

Since natural wine first became a part of the collective conversation 20 years ago, it’s revolutionized the wine world. The ethos of natural winemaking is minimal intervention. Where vintners seek the true expression of the grape in the bottle through spontaneous fermentation, no additives or sulfites; a hand-made approach that eschews chemicals or herbicides and treats the vineyard with respect. It’s a simplistic approach to wine, without manipulating the product to the uniformity of mass-market wines.

How Santa Julia Is Revolutionizing

The process is anything but. It involves a steep degree of difficulty and requires extensive knowledge of winemaking, temperamental grapes, and how to navigate the ever-changing climate all while giving meticulous care at each step. Santa Julia, Argentina’s top organic wine producer, has released its latest offering — El Burro Natural Malbec — in a new line of natural wines that codifies its holistic approach and enduring vision of sustainability.

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