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How to Choose the Right Wine Glass

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

Food and drink is an experience and having the right crockery and cutlery allow for the best experience. When it comes to wine, in particular, having the right kind of glass is crucial. What most people don’t realize about wine is that if the glass isn’t designed well, it can affect the flavor and texture of the wine.

The shape of the wine glass determines how much air combines with it. Aerated wine tends to be smoother, which is why wine connoisseurs recommend swishing it around before taking the first sip. The design of the glass also affects how much around is released, which is all part of the wine tasting experience.

There are many shapes and sizes of wine glasses. Each is designed to enhance different aspects of wine. Here are some glass shapes to consider:

Bowl shape wine glass

Bowl shaped wine glasses are quite popular. They are aesthetically pleasing and can hold more wine too. The width of the bowl affects how much air is incorporated into the wine. The shape of the bowl also affects how strong the aroma of the wine is once it reaches your nose.

When in doubt about the width of the bowl, go for a medium width wine glass. It works for whites as well as reds.

Wide bowl for reds

How to Choose the Right Wine Glass

Red wines are typically dry. They are rich in tannins and therefore have bitter notes with intense depth of flavor. Red wines often have complex flavor combinations that make them a taste sensation to seasoned wine tasters.

Red wines tend to have a grittiness which is removed once it is aerated. To aerate the wine, you have to swish it around in your glass before drinking it. A wide bowl wine glass is ideal for adding more air to the wine, while allowing you to get as much aroma possible.

Narrow bowl for whites

White wines are known for their delicate flavor. They are paired with foods that have subtle flavors too. White wines are low on tannins as well as being low in acidity too. Generally known to be dessert wines, white wines don’t have the same full-bodied flavor that’s popular with red wines. They don’t have as strong an aroma nor require any air to be incorporated. Narrow and tall wine glasses are ideal for white wines.

Why is the stem so important?

While you may believe that the stem of the glass is only there for aesthetic purposes, it actually makes a difference to your wine tasting experience. Glasses with a stem tend to keep the wine cold much longer than a glass without a stem. The stem prevents the glass from sitting on a table which tends to be warmer.

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