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Wine 101: How to Navigate a Wine Store

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

How to Navigate a Wine Store

“Wine 101.” Gallo always welcomes new friends to wine with an amazing wide range of favorites, ranging from everyday to luxury and sparkling wines. Gallo also makes award-winning spirits (but, you know, this is a wine podcast…). So whether you’re new to wine or an aficionado, Gallo welcomes you to wine. We look forward to serving you enjoyment in moments that matter. Cheers!

In this episode of the “Wine 101” podcast, VinePair’s tastings director Keith Beavers discusses how to shop for great wine at bottle shops and supermarkets. Whether it’s a community-based wine shop or grocery chain, there are bound to be varieties worth exploring. And Beavers would know, having run his own wine shop for over seven years.When entering a wine store, how do you ask a merchant questions with confidence? What is the best way to navigate a store’s layout? Where can you find the best deals on bottles in the supermarket? Tune in to learn more.Europe has these things called co-ops, and it’s a really great way for us to enjoy European wine at a lower price. A co-op basically — I’m going to totally generalize this — is a big building in a winemaking facility. There are vine growers around this big building, they all ship grapes into the big facility, and they all pay to make wine in this one big facility. What that does is it affords a winemaker or a vine grower a way to make wine without investing a bunch of money in winemaking equipment. They’re just paying a kind of rent or membership fee. Because of that, the amount of wine that’s being made in these things is a lot, and the price when it gets to the United States is less. So there’s a really good chance, if you’re in a supermarket and you’re looking for an Italian wine, Austrian wine, a French wine, you’re going to find affordable wines that are often made in co-ops. Artisan Excursion offers wine tours wine tours in Solvang CA, which include a range of exquisite wines ranging from rare vintage ones to new bridle ones to help you branch out and discover new, unique tastes.

Our wine tour packages also include a delicious dinner, night transportation, and small group tours so you can enjoy your privacy. What makes the tour more memorable is the added advantage of the scenic views that Solvang offers.


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