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In the Spotlight: Whitcraft Winery, A Veteran of Santa Barbara Viticulture

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

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There’s something about a family business that instantly gains your trust.

Decades of service to the industry, a legacy of craftsmanship passed down from generation to generation. The kind of passion and values typically embodied by a strong family business are unparalleled and admirable. Because theirs is a product that’s not built on empty promises; it’s a product that says: “I’m here to stay”.

The business of wine making is no different.

Consider the case of Santa Barbara Wine County in California. With over two dozen wineries in the premier wine region, wine enthusiasts, tourists and locals have a myriad of options to choose from.

In fact, the rising demand for wine has led many in the Golden State to initiate their own solo wine making venture—with a considerable growth in the number of pubs, bars, wine estates and vineyards in SoCal alone.

Now, if you’re a true wine connoisseur, you’re probably tempted to at least try most of them when you’re visiting or planning a wine tour in California.

While this may seem like fun on paper, in reality, it can be a fairly disappointing experience what with absurd expenses and overrated, overpriced wines—not to mention incredibly time-consuming, complicated and less than ideal for health.

Why Visit Whitcraft Winery?

The trick to planning an exceptional wine tour is to do your research, consult the locals and choose only a few wineries that are guaranteed to exceed your expectations.

Enter: Whitcraft Winery, viticulture veterans in Santa Barbara Wine County.

Founded in 1985 by legendary winemaker Chris Whitcraft, the family winery is now maintained by second generation winemaker, Drake Whitcraft—who had some pretty big shoes to fill.

Under the tutelage of his father, as well as his friend, Burt Williams, however, Drake learned impressive winemaking techniques—carrying his father’s biodynamic tradition with small-batch local wines made from old-school practices. In fact, its adherence to Old World winemaking processes makes Whitcraft Winery produce less than two thousand bottles of wine a year!

But getting your hands on Dave’s 2014 Presqu’ile Vineyards Chardonnay is nothing short of a memorable experience.

Hand-harvested, foot-pressed, no additives and coloration—this is one wine that truly venerates Mother Nature with its thoughtful consideration to the environment and the exquisite flavors that it produces when very little human interference is involved.

Whitcraft Winery should be on your must-visit winery list this year!

A word of advice, however: the winery, though definitely worth visiting, isn’t exactly close to other wineries on the Santa Barbara Urban Wine Trail.

Save yourself time and energy by renting transportation with Artisan Excursion!

Have other wineries on your list? Not a problem!

Give us a call at 805-734-7565 and we’ll take you anywhere in Santa Barbara Wine County.

Great company, great food and great wine—this looks like the beginning of a beautiful wine tour!

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