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Post-COVID Wine Tours: What To Expect?

Updated: Feb 19, 2023

The coronavirus brought several industries across the globe to a standstill and wineries were no exception. While Artisan Excursion is now open for business, we believe understanding and planning are essential for enjoyable and safe wine tasting tours in the post-COVID world.

Here’s what you can expect from your first wine tour in our new normal.


Due to social distancing guidelines, there are limited seats available on each tour. You’ll be required to make your reservation well in advance to ensure that your wine tour is hassle-free, safe, and enjoyable.

Last-minute accommodations might not be possible and all reservations will be carried out on a first-come, first-served basis. This allows us to keep all of our guests socially distant while still allowing them to enjoy everything the tour has to offer.

Temperature Check Upon Arrival

Along with social distancing, the law requires that wineries gather the contact details of people within your group before you attend a tasting. Visitors are encouraged to download the COVID tracker app if they haven’t done so already.

Before entering the premises, our team will check each visitor’s temperature and reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone who seems unwell, is presenting cold or flu-like symptoms, or has a fever.

Constant Use of Makes and Gloves

As has become the norm worldwide, you’re supposed to be wearing masks and gloves before you visit any wineries. Guests will arrive wearing this personal protective equipment and will only be allowed to take them off to eat or drink once they’re seated in their designated spaces.

The teams at our winery will keep their mask and gloves on the entire time to ensure all the guests are safe.

Different varieties of vine pre-poured for guests.

Wine Tastings Will be Pre-Poured By The Staff

You can expect to have the wines pre-poured for you. So when you sit down, they’ll be there to greet you.

This reduces your contact with the winery staff, allowing you to taste the wine while maintaining a distance from the winery staff. The wines are pre-poured and covered by the staff, ensuring they’re not exposed to the air and elements.

One-Of-A-Kind Wine Experience in Solvang

If you’re looking for an enjoyable time out with your friends and family, reach out to Artisan Excursion for some of the best wine tours in Solvang, CA. Our tours are budget-friendly and completely safe during this time. Our goal is to acquaint you with some of the best wine in the Solvang region while ensuring you have the time of your life while wine tasting with your loved ones.

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