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Red Vs. White Wine: The Real Differences

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

Wine is made from grapes that are picked, crushed, and then left for fermentation. And while there are many types of wine available in the market today, the most popular ones include red and white wine. These are devoured by countless people globally, and are known for their rich and exotic tastes.

Whether you prefer red or white is solely based on personal preferences, but it’s still important to understand the differences between both. It may even encourage you to try other types of wine, especially if you haven’t before.

Below, we’ll be discussing the differences between red and white wine:

Different food pairings

Conventional wisdom tells us that white wine is best paired with lighter foods, whereas red wine is ideal with heavier, meaty dishes. Though there is no black and white rule for this, one can’t deny the solid reasoning behind these notions.

Red and white wine interact with food components like fat, salt, and sugar differently, so achieving the right balance prevents the taste of the food or the wine from being overwhelmed.

Some food varieties that work best with red wine include beef steaks and fatty fish, whereas lighter seafood varieties or vegetables work with white wine.

Red Vs. White Wine: The Real Differences

Tannin content

The grape skins that are wholly removed before the fermentation process comprise a chemical compound that’s known as tannin. Tannins are what give red wine it’s dryness, and make it very different from white wine.

Tannins are also considered to be natural antioxidants, which permits red wines to age for longer periods of time. In fact, during the winemaking process for white wine, winemakers tend to add fining agents to eliminate any tannins that are present.

Alcohol content

Red wine generally has a higher alcohol content than white wine; it also has a higher sugar content.

The alcohol that’s present in wine originates from the sugar content of the wine grapes, as these transform into alcohol when the fermentation process takes place. This helps us understand why there is more alcohol content in red wine compared to white wine.

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