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Simple Tricks To Enjoy Solvang’s Wine At Home

Updated: Aug 7, 2022

You may have preserved some romantic memories from your trip to the beautiful vineyards in Solvang. The Santa Ynez Valley is truly paradise on earth, with vast stretches of land, lush green hills, and sweet summer weather that welcomes all the city folk!

Enjoying a wine tour when you’re visiting this part of California is a must.

You can even bring a slice of that heaven back home, so the fun never ends. It's not over until it's over because Solvang's delicious wine souvenirs can make your dinnertime as magical as an outdoor spread in the exquisite wineries.

The wine bottles from the grape goldmines of Santa Ynez can add a sparkle to any ordinary meal. Here are some tricks to enjoy the wine just the way you did on your wine excursion.

Solvang’s Wine At Home

Let it Breathe

You must’ve heard wine snobs going on about letting their wine breathe. If you’re not a wine connoisseur, you might think that’s just a fad. But there’s some truth to it.

Airing out your wine improves the flavor. In wine parlance, this means your drink becomes more expressive and buoyant. Every sip will feel fuller in taste and tantalize your taste buds. Enjoying an aired-out wine with your dinner makes everything sensational. A closed wine tastes shallow, weak, and not as titillating as a fuller red.

Uncorking your wine bottle and letting it sit for a while enhances the velvety texture of the drink and smoothens the edginess of its taste. If you develop a liking to enjoying a nightcap like this, you should consider investing in a crystal decanter/aerator that maintains the fullness of your favorite red any time of the day!

How to Aerate your Bottle

If you’re not ready to buy a decanter yet, you can air out your wine in the wine bottle too. Here’s a trick for that.

The wine bottle is conventionally narrow from the top and broadens out from the middle onward. Simply uncorking the bottle won't do the trick. Pour out enough wine from the bottle into a wide-mouthed glass until the level lowers just below the narrow nozzle.

This allows the drink to have a wide surface area exposed to the air. Let the bottle sit and shake it up every few minutes to mix the aerated liquid evenly throughout. Meanwhile, the drink in your glass will air out on its own.

Uncork, re-cork, and shake. That's all you need to do to get the perfect wine that’s ready to serve.

Will it Damage the Wine?

Many amateurs treat wine like crystal ware that's carefully placed on the highest shelves and left untouched. Wine is the elitist of all drinks, and that's why people think of treating it with greater care. But care shouldn't compromise the flavor.

Regardless of how pricey your red label is, you have the right to treat it to your liking and enjoy it till the last sip. Shaking up the drink may sound rough at first, but it doesn't ruin the taste. Old wines tend to sediment with time. Shaking up the bottle helps open up their flavors and infuse the vintage flavors in every drop.

So fellas, shake it all you want and sip it any time of the day!

But before you go on to do that, book a wine tour with us. We guarantee you’ll love it!

We offer wine tour packages Solvang at the best wineries in Santa Ynez, CA. Book yourself for one of the tastiest wine tours in the country!

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