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We Asked 12 Sommeliers: What’s the Best Wine for Outdoor Drinking?

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

Best Wine for Outdoor Drinking

As the weather warms up, many of us are anticipating lazy summertime gatherings in the park. After all, what’s better than a blanket, some charcuterie and shade, and a nice cold bottle of wine?

But what wine pairs best with freshly mowed grass and the scent of daffodils? Should you opt for a cold bottle of white for an afternoon watching the clouds, or maybe pick up something orange or red? We went straight to the experts and asked 12 renowned sommeliers what they would recommend for a chill and friendly rendezvous in the park. Grab one (or more) of these bottles and get to relaxing.

“Park wines are the best times! We often have people pop into one of the shops on a sunny day looking for rosé, orange wine. We always offer some cups and a wine key, because both of those are crucial for a successful hang. Rose's are great because they usually have a crown cap that just pops off and are usually lower-ABV which makes them incredibly crushable during the day.

Or a Gris Rose “Made with a blend of Grenache and Syrah, the bouquet and palate of this wine showcases sweet red plum, raspberry, and roses. Tense, crisp, refreshing and dry with crushed stone mineral, medium-plus acidity and a lengthy fruit-filled finish. Balanced, fresh, and ready to enjoy!”

Artisan Excursion offers wine tours in Solvang CA, which include a range of exquisite wines ranging from rare vantagepoints to new bridle ones to help you branch out and discover new, unique tastes.

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