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The World’s Best White Wines 2022 New York World Wine Competition

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

New York World Wine Competition

The New York World Wine Competition (NYWWC) recently announced the Best in Show and Best in Class wines from its 2022 judging of white and sparkling wine. The NYWWC is one of the world’s most prestigious wine competitions. It’s noted both for the quality of its judges, many of whom are renowned wine experts with decades of industry experience.

The NYWWC identifies the Best in Show, the highest accolade it bestows, across the wine categories it judges. The top wine in each category wins a Best of Class award.

The results are closely followed by consumers eager for expert judgments and, more importantly, by the trade, especially the distributor community. Many wineries have found that recognition by the SFIWC is the golden key to unlocking broad national and often international distribution. Even established producers look to the SFWSC for confirmation of their core ranges and validation of new expressions and production techniques.

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