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Things to do During Your Santa Ynez Valley Vacation

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

When on vacation, do as the vacationers do!

You don’t want to stay locked inside your room all day when there’s so much to explore. From vineyards, to wine-making cellars, and trekking trails in the vicinity, the landscape is laden with adventurous avenues.

But it’s quite possible to get overwhelmed by the wealth of fun options available to you. This is why it’s best that you make a to-do list before getting on the plane or driving all the way to Santa Ynez Valley. Here are some things that need to go on the list.

Museums and Landmarks

The town of Santa Ynez has a personality of its own. It boasts of rich cultural history and a legacy in making the best vintage wines. But that doesn’t mean wining and dining is all vacationers can do here. You’ll find several art galleries that display some of the masterworks of local artisans and artists.

The Santa Ynez Valley Historical Museum and Parks will stage artistic representations of the Valley’s local history. Wildling Museum should be on your list if you’re keen on viewing an exhibition of sculptures, paintings and photography inspired by the natural landscape.

You’ll find flavors of different cultures blending into a singular heritage, everywhere you go. There are traces of Spanish influences as well as elements of Native American culture in the local art. Visit some of these common museums and galleries to get a taste of all that Santa Ynez beholds.

Wine Tours

This should be the highlight of your vacation if you plan to visit Santa Ynez Valley this spring. Solvang wine tours have to offer a range of rich blends of wine from rare red labels to new bridles. You can only discover most of these hidden gems that will tantalize your taste buds if you put your name on our wine excursions.

A local tour guide, native to the area, will entertain you throughout. Whether you’re a connoisseur or a novice, this wine tour will be a delight for all. Here’s to welcoming a few pleasurable indulgences this year!

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Outdoor Dinner Arrangement

Nothing beats the feeling of being out in the open, surrounded by endless stretches of lush green fields. The vineyards in the region are as unreal and mesmeric as heaven itself. You’ll feel like you’re living a dream when you enjoy a meal under the clear blue sky with vines providing natural shade.

We’re responsible for bringing the dreamiest fantasies of the perfect date to life for you. This farm to table culinary experience will be nothing short of an extravagant six-course meal with the best wine pairings. Allow us to host your stay in Santa Ynez and we’ll offer this and much more!

If you’re coming to Santa Ynez Valley, allow us to take you out on a wine tasting Solvang tour to the most notable best wineries in Santa Ynez! We’ll make sure it’s worth your time. Contact us for more details.

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