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Say You’ll Be Wine: Vineyards as Wedding Destinations in Santa Ynez

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

What better way to toast to a newly wedded couple and their happiness than hosting a wedding ceremony in a vineyard itself?

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Courtyards of Santa Barbara and wide green stretches of Solvang are excellent locations for an unconventionally beautiful destination wedding. It is not only classy but also says a lot about the couple’s love budding over two glasses of wine!

The grapevine fields in Santa Ynez are a sight to catch especially if the place is set up and decked with boughs of holly in honor of the couple’s union. If you are looking for a wedding venue which provides the perfect place for vowing your love through marriage, a vineyard is just what you want.

They offer nothing short of a fairytale ending to the past and a magical beginning to a new future together! With meadows carpeting the grounds for as far as the eye sees the horizon meeting the land, there can be no better place to host an ethereal outdoor wedding than a vineyard in Solvang.

As romantic as it sounds, tying the knot in the middle of Santa Ynez’s lush green fields with everyone holding their wine glasses up to the couple for a lifetime of love and cheer is a moment to seize!

Here are some suggested places that can turn your wedding into an event that charms everyone with its beauty and gives the bride the special day she deserves!

Gainey Vineyard

Whether you want to throw a huge wedding party to a large number of guests or host a small wedding function with just intimate friends and family, Gainey Vineyard has grounds wide enough to accommodate anything. A popular choice of couples who pick it as their wedding venue, Gainey Vineyard offers both indoor and outdoor spaces as wedding venues.

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Sunstone Winery

Full of French courtyards and open spaces, Sunstone vineyards and winery offer more than just a suitable place to take the wedding vows. What could be a better place to seal the special day with the first kiss as man and wife in a valley surrounded with breathtaking views and scenic landscapes! This winery is in Northern Santa Barbara and is known for the quality of events it hosts.

santa ynez wine yard

Whispering Rose Ranch

As fantastical as the name sounds, the place is nothing less than what you might be imagining. Ideal for an outdoor venue, this place looks magical in its raw beauty. With deer strolling by in a barn and antique fountains sprouting water the place certainly looks like a view from heaven! The venue is excellent for a couple which prefers natural charm to urban niceties that make a wedding look rather ordinary and dull.

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