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Don’t Make Pour Decisions! What NOT to Do at a Wine Tasting

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Every social occasion has its own set of etiquettes that need to be honored for the sake of propriety and exhibiting culture.

red wine tasting

A local bar may have different set of norms, just as an art exhibition requires a certain degree of decorum and reverence for the works displayed. Similarly wine tasting is not just an act; it is an occasion which celebrates the diversity of tastes that this drink can come in. In order to stay true to standards valued by connoisseurs for the art of wine tasting, it is crucial to know what to do get the most out of this rare treat.

Going on a wine excursion into some of the local wineries and private vineyards is a once in a lifetime opportunity for many. The experience is marked by scenic views of the native surroundings complemented with wine sips to tingle your taste buds with some of the finest that the locals have to offer.

But here are some naïve mistakes that ruin the fun of wine tasting or are even considered rude.

Bar The Bar From Your Mind

When at a wine tasting for the first time, not everyone present would understand you are a novice. People who choose to go to on a wine excursion are most likely experts with a taste for the finer things in life who would like to become privy to company that is just as so.

In order to blend in, you will be expected to button-up your behavior and be classy! What this means is to avoid all the eccentricities that are acceptable in a local bar. The body language, attitude, words and demeanor should display an interest in the tour and its treats and not an intent of getting drunk.

Getting Tipsy Is Not A Good Tip

It is considered extremely uncultured to act drunk on a wine tasting excursion.

Just as the old saying goes: you’re judged by the company you keep, wine lovers who have a taste for the finest there is, would not like to be judged in your company if you lack sobriety.

Not only is getting wasted extremely impolite and an irreverent behavior for the occasion, it can turn into a scarring spectacle if you end up harming someone else in your sloppy state.

wine girl

Spitting Is Not Against Table Manners

Even though getting drunk is very easy during a wine tasting irrespective of how decent you are, there are certain rules of dining which are tailored to suit the occasion.

Although spitting would be considered a repulsive violation of table manners at a conventional dinner, it is a necessity in this case. Without spitting out excess wine, one cannot go through the entire tour without getting tipsy!

In order to avoid the giddiness which comes with too much drinking, make sure to fill your stomach before coming to avoid light headedness.

It is important to take small sips of whatever you taste instead of gulping down an entire glass of something you like. If you wish to enjoy more of some, you can place an order for a bottle of it.

Don’t Whine About The Wine

Even though relevant questions about the different varieties or even the local vineyards are encouraged by tour guides during the trip, it is deemed inappropriate to make conversations loud enough to disturb other people.

It is the sign of an inquisitive mind to ask informed questions about making the right choices, learning about specific types or knowing more about the locality. But it is seen in distaste if you’re talking about irrelevant topics in an alarmingly loud voice that is disrupting the attention others are paying to the wine.

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