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Why Santa Ynez is the Perfect Vintage Vacation Spot

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

If you’re a connoisseur who prefers vintage over contemporary, a vacation in Santa Ynez should be on your plan for the year.

This valley is nestled between San Rafael Mountains on the north and Santa Ynez Mountains on the Southside. With lush grasslands covering the entire landscape, this valley is a peaceful patch of heaven on earth, with rolling hills framing the picturesque scene. You can’t help but fall in love with the view in front of you, every time you set eyes on the leaves rustling in the wind or the old oak trees standing with unwavering authority.

All in all, the landscape is a prime example of the saying: too good to be true, except it is real. If you need a break from the exhausting city life and take in some fresh air and mesmeric views, this is where you need to be.

Perfect Skies

Have you hated it when something unfortunate rained on your plans? Well, that’s not going to happen if you take a trip to Santa Ynez Valley. The weather is Mediterranean and the summer skies are generally clear, without any signs of rain.

Toward the end of spring, you get strong winds that bring the entire landscape to life with the trees swaying and the fields moving like a breathing belly. But with the peaks receiving their share of snow, the weather remains relatively chilly downhill near the plains.

Beautiful Fields

All you need to do to convince yourself to visit Santa Ynez Valley is search up its fields on Google. Everything you find on the internet may not be true but this definitely is. The fields stretch as far as the eye can see and the land is painted green to the horizon.

You won’t realize how much your eyes get tired by looking at dull concrete structures and paved roads in the city. They need a break from the cityscape; enjoy a retreat with views of the Valley. The undulating land with the hills at the sides and the vast expanse of vineyards are all you need to relieve your eye fatigue.

Bunches of grapes hanging low, within arm’s reach, from slim branches are as tempting as it sounds. You need to be there to know what it means to find yourself standing in a land so vast and beautiful!

purple grape vines

Wine Adventures

Going on wine excursions is literally going to be the cherry on top of your vacation Wine tasting in Solvang experience. There’s nothing quite like the joy of sipping on some of Santa Ynez’s original vintage wines, in a garden speckled with gems of nature.

However, a wine-tasting tour is a much more valuable experience than gulping down a bottle of your favorite label. You get to treat your taste buds to a variety of rich, velvety drinks that wash down your throat, leaving you dizzy with pleasure!

Our local tour guide will take you out to all the main wineries in the area so that your experience of the Valley isn’t left wanting for more.

If you’re coming to Santa Ynez Valley, a wine tasting Solvang CA tour has to be on your list! We’ll make sure we earn your trust once you give us a chance to impress you. Contact us for more details.

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