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Hakuna Moscato: Why Solvang is Paradise on Earth

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

If you’re into cultural history, Solvang is the place to go. Rich with Danish heritage, Solvang is replete with relics from the past. From architecture to craftsmanship, you can find everything in this city.

The streets in this town are lined with houses with thatched roofs and old-world designs that are in true Danish style.

Wind Mill


This city—which was founded by a group of Danish immigrants in 1911—is listed as one of the 10 most attractive small towns in the US by Sunset magazine. The earliest founders of the city traveled from Iowa to establish a town in California.

Those Danish-Americans bought 9000 acres of land, which was formerly Rancho San Carlos de Jonata, and turned it into Old Mission Santa Inés. A folk school and church were also constructed in order to preserve the original Danish culture. These establishments have evolved with time into modern-day restaurants and senior care facilities.

old buildings

More About Solvang

Each building, cuisine, and craft in Solvang is a marker of the northern European traditions. Therefore, the city holds monumental significance as a tourist hub which offers exclusive historic attractions.

The city has managed to retain the essence of its Danish history while upgrading its facilities to house tourists. You can find many inns, hotels, guest ranches with full services, meeting facilities, and museums. If Solvang is your next vacation spot, you won’t starve a day with the many eateries and bakeries that can be found there.

Danish Delights: Food & Wine

If you say you visited Solvang and missed trying aebleskiver, you haven’t experienced all that this town has to offer!

Aebleskiver are fluffy pancake balls that are served with raspberry sauce with powdered sugar sprinkled on top! Needless to say, this local specialty is rich with flavor and a taste of history.

Legend has it that these round pancakes are a legacy that was founded by the Vikings who used their helmets to prepare these pancakes. The Vikings loved devouring these treats, which came out round because of their helmet-pans. Therefore, the taste and appearance have stayed the same to date!

danish food

The Danish tradition is also incomplete without culinary specialties like a unique kind of meatball known as frikadeller, rødkaal (red cabbage), and the Danish sausage called medisterpølse. The bakeries here will have the most authentic rage of Danish breads, kringles, and pastries.

Solvang is a bountiful haven of vineyards and wineries. If you’re a wine-lover (and who doesn’t love wine), this place will be heaven for you! Not only will you find numerous wine tasting rooms and bars displaying a range of vintners, but also gourmet cuisine to go with your drink.

Solvang’s Wineries include some popular names like Bridlewood Estate Winery, Bien Nacido & Solomon Hills Estate Wines and Section Wines Winery. Going out on a wine excursion during your tour of Solvang will undoubtedly be the most cherished memory of the trip!

Are you already hyped up about visiting Solvang and tasting the richest and rarest vintage wines?

Artisan Excursion offers to take groups of tourists for visits to scenic sites, local hotspots, and famous local wineries for a wine tasting tour in Solvang. Our expertise lies in impressing the most high-end connoisseurs of wine and also entertaining novices who are trying wine for the first-time. If you’re from out of town, our experts will provide the most luxurious tour to you!

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