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Wines That Our Lunch Menu Tastes Best With

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Wine and food combinations have always been topics of heated discussions. Nowadays, people are no longer able to abide by conventional wine pairing rules, and find themselves confused about how to pair specific flavors with the elements of a certain dish.


Pairing can be a challenging thing, as every dish will have more than just one sole component. You might consider trying out a glass of wine with chicken for instance, but the reality is that it’s not just going to be chicken; it’s going to be packed with many herbs and spices, a side dish of vegetables, and so on. There are so many things one must keep in mind when pairing a food dish with wine. However, in the end, you have to pick which part of the dish you wish to emphasize and then match the correct wine with that element.

Below we offer a list wines that would go well with our lunch menu:

Sauvignon Blanc This is a crisp and a lighter form of wine and it’s known to have high acidic components and a great deal of citrus. This is great to pair with a light meal which includes goat cheese, turkey or chicken. Sauvignon Blanc is full of flavor and its herbaceous elements can truly be felt with every sip.

Pinot Noir This is a fruity drink consisting of rich, flavorful fruits like cherries. It’s full of flavors and aromas, and can be the ideal way to unwind at lunchtime. Though Pinot Noir is lighter in nature, it can still complement heavy meat dishes. It’s also ideal with seafood like tuna. Goat cheese is also a good option to pair with this type of wine.


Chardonnay Chardonnay is dynamic, and can be made into various styles—keep this in mind when you consider pairing it with your food dishes. This is an extremely decadent kind of wine with a solid weight, and it’s ideal for dishes where white wine might fall short of flavor. Chardonnay also has significant acidic content, and it’s perfect to cut the heaviness of beefy sandwich dishes. It’s also great with different varieties of cheeses.

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