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This Texas Bistro Boasts One Of The Best Wine Lists In The World

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

Wine Tour

Mary Stanley was utterly surprised when she found that The Turtle Restaurant and Enoteca had been listed among the best wine lists in the world. The bistro she owns in the small Central Texas town of Brownwood earned the World's Best Value Wine List 2022 award from World of Fine Wine, a first-time award from a newly created category.

Her carefully curated list attracted the judges’ attention for its fantastic quality at a superb value, offering customers the chance to enjoy an excellent bottle for an average of $60 or less, with many coming in under $100. At any given time,

“They emailed an invitation to go to the awards, but there was no way I could go,” says Stanley. “At that time, I had no extra money and was barely holding this place together. Staffing, as you know, is a nightmare everywhere, and I did not have a dress or anything I could wear to one of those high glam British wine award galas. So, I blew it off.” Three days before the ceremony they emailed to say that they had created a new category for value wines, and that she was a finalist.

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